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Excel Industries Turning Down Volume On New Equipment

Posted 8/27/2015

Record Staff

Residents living near Excel Industries most likely noticed more industrial nose than usual coming from the local manufacturer.

City Administrator Gary Emry said he spoke with Luke Roth-Mullet, Vice President of Operations and Continuous Improvement, regarding the recent noise.

“He explained the process related to the nitrogen used to stamp out products and then exhausting the air into the atmosphere when it discharges. So people are hearing the loud thud of the machine as it stamps the metal products…and the hissing of the air pressure being exhausted,” said Emry.

As of Monday afternoon, Emry said in further conversation with Excel, the noise should be mitigated by the end of the week, if not sooner.

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GVL Poly Partnering With Yeti, Adding Local Jobs

Posted 8/27/2015

By Jackie Nelson

On Thursday afternoon, plastics moulder GVL Poly announced a new partnership with YETI Coolers, which is expected to create 75-plus new jobs at the Hesston facility.  

According to John Carder, Vice-President of Operations and Hesston Plant Manager, the jobs being added will be full time positions in manufacturing, assembly and inspections. 

Carder said, in addition, “We will add five supervisory positions including engineering, human resources, office, quality assurance and a production management.” 

Compensation for employees “will be competitive with local industries with a full benefit package,” said Carder. 

The addition of new employees will be steady through the coming months. 

“We currently have eight people on site and will expand to 75 by year end with as many as 150 within the next year,” said Carder. 

Carder said growth projections were based on “machine capacity and schedules for delivery of additional machines.” 

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U.S. Senator Makes Local Listening Stop In Harvey County

Posted 8/27/2015

By Jackie Nelson

United States Senator Jerry Moran came to Harvey County last week on a listening tour.  Moran had a packed house at the Newton Chamber of Commerce last Thursday afternoon.

Moran faced several questions and addressed the hot-button issue of the Iran Nuclear Deal - which he does not support.

Audience members asked several questions of the Senator during the hour-long forum.

• One of the first questions fielded by Moran was his stance on the First Amendment Defense Act, a bill introduced by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Rep. Paul Labrador (R-Idaho) in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. 

The audience member asked Moran why he was not a sponsor of the bill.

“I haven’t looked into the details of that legislation,” he said.

Moran added, “There are people who have belief in morality. I understand the crux of what they want to accomplish on the issues of marriage, the Affordable Care Act and abortion.  It is easy to find organizations that do good work,” he said.

• Another audience member asked if there was any help coming from the federal level for the Kansas education system.

Moran said while state-level funding and education is not under his control as a U.S. senator, he has worked to eliminate federal educational mandates.

“My role is to get rid of federal-level mandates that don’t help education.  I voted against No Child Left Behind and the most recent version there-of,” he said.

• Moran fielded a question about the Doc Fix Bill - legislation that would increase Medicare reimbursements to physicians by 5 percent.

Moran said part of the issue with physician compensation began 1996-97 when the initial compensation formula was created. 

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Community FoundationMini-Grants Giving Back To Students

Posted 8/27/2015

Record Staff

 The Hesston Community Foundation helped USD 460 teachers get the school year off to a positive start with 10 mini-grants awarded to district educators and personnel to be used in classrooms and directly impact students.

“We would really like to emphasize to the community that we see this as an opportunity to support our USD with funds for projects that would be outside of the regular budget,” said Hesston Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb.

The classroom grants were in addition to a $6,300 award granted to USD 460 through the larger competitive grant cycle.

“These USD awards are just an extra competitive cycle our board added in 2014 to continue our strong relationship with the district.  I would anticipate that this would happen each year,” said Lamb.

Mini-grant recipients gave brief descriptions of how the additional funds will make a positive impact on USD 460 students.   

  • Rachel Yoder—Green screen frame for use in video production at HHS$250
  • Rebecca McGuire—Extended Learning Program resource materials $208

• Kristin Unruh — Activities for Kindergartners supporting Common Core$241

“My mini grant was geared toward obtaining activities and games that students could use independently or with a partner during our center time. All of the activities that I choose relate directly toward practicing and mastering Common Core skills,” she said.

  • Kelsey Stucky—Literary enrichment materials for second grade $250

“Our goal is to get quality reading materials in to the hands of our students. The materials we requested are hands-on and interactive station activities. They will help all levels of readers gain phonics, fluency and comprehension skills,” she said. 

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