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Oh, Tannenbaum

Posted 12/10/2015

By Jackie Nelson

With Christmas just around the corner, Hesston residents are pulling out decorations and putting up trees.

With ice storm following Thanksgiving weekend, some residents are behind on their holiday traditions.  For those still looking for the perfect Christmas tree for their home, Hesston residents do not need to travel far.

For natural trees, Pine Creek Farm, as second-generation tree farm, owned by Ardie and Wynn Goering has pines tall and wide on 11 acres of land.

Residents wanting fewer needles left on the floor can find artificial trees of all shapes and sizes at Stone Creek Nursery, owned by Kirby Martin for over 15 years.

Each local business offers their own unique take on preparing for the Holidays.

“It’s special because you get the Christmas experience of coming to the farm, finding their tree and cutting it down.  Every tree looks different - even trees of the same species will look different. That’s what’s part of having a real tree,” said Goering.

At Stone Creek, Martin said they offer real trees, but designer Larry Rogers creates fantastical custom holiday decorations and wreaths using artificial trees as a canvas. 

“If you come and talk to him, he loves to take people through.  If you bring in an old tin can, he’ll walk through and pull stuff down off the trees and shelves and in five minutes you’ve got this beautiful Christmas arrangement.  It’s amazing what he can do. That’s the coolest thing; I get awed,” said Martin.

While the holiday season is filled with shoppers and customers for a few short weeks, at Pine Creek Farm, Christmas trees are a year-round business.  For Goering, it is a business that can take years of cultivation. 

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Wild Geranium For Sale, Closing

Posted 12/10/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Marilyn Wendling of the Wild Geranium has put her business up for sale, and will be closing The Wild Geranium Dec. 31 if a buyer cannot be found.  The Wild Geranium has been part of the Hesston community for nearly 50 years. 

Wendling has been the owner of the local florist for nearly a decade. 

“I’m semi-retiring. And my husband is having health issues and I need more days at home. I don’t want to close, but I don’t have another option,” she said.

Wendling purchased the Wild Geranium in 2008 and has spent 40 years in the floral business.

“I was a craft person. And I started on Valentine’s Day one year about 32 years ago in Halstead.  I really don’t know why,” she said.

Wendling purchase the Wild Geranium after the previous owners re-located.

“Jackie John and her husband moved to Texas. I was working here at the time and I bought it from her,” she said.

Wendling added former owner Stephanie Hamilton named the floral shop on Main Street.

Through the decades of working in flower shops and as an owner, Wendling has seen fashions come and go.

“The colors change.  The colors from the 70s are coming back again. There are trends that are just all circular.  It all eventually comes back into vogue.  But the traditional colors are still there,” she said.

Working with flowers, Wendling has been a part of family traditions, from births, weddings, birthdays, funerals and romantic dinners.

“It’s the people. That’s the fun part. It’s the people I will really miss,” she said.

Wendling added she has a file of long-standing customers with regular orders and flower prefrences. 

Creating custom pieces has been a signature of Wendling’s ownership of the Wild Geranium. 

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Jazz Band, Singers Host Musical Evening At Crosswind

Posted 12/10/2015

Record Staff

Monday evening the Hesston High Singers under the direction of Darren Enns and the Hesston High Jazz Band, under the direction of Lyle Graverson, hosted a performance at Crosswind Conference Center. 

The concert featured several Christmas favorites along with renditions of classic carols by the Pentatonix, a popular a cappella group performed by the Singers.

The Jazz Band played four sets of classic Christmas songs with a more pop-music beat.

Singer member Jordan Roth said with the turnout of family and friends, the Singers received many positive reactions to their performance.

“Choral music is not dead. We have a new style. It’s not what it used to be. It’s not classical-sounding,” he said.

This year, Enns has added the beat-boxing talents of Freddie Loeffler to two of the Singers’ selections. 

Singer Emily Shirley added, “Before, we were more classical.  But we have a younger director.  Mr. Enns is younger and is doing new things.” 

Members of the elite choral group said they work hard to perform complex vocal arrangements.

“We get up early every day, and that isn’t fun,” said Singer Brityne Rucker.

However, with Monday’s performance, Carson Burkholder said the early mornings are worth the work.

“It is really great to see all these people out here supporting us,” he said.

The Jazz Band and Singers will be taking the stage for their holiday concert on Thursday, Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. in the Hesston High Main Gym. 

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How To Calculate Property Tax: Appraised Value x Assessment Rate x Mill Levy = Tax Bill

Posted 12/10/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Last month, Hesston residents received their annual tax bills - or if their taxes are escrowed, what they have paid in property taxes throughout the last year.

Harvey County Appraiser Craig Clough explained tax bills are fairly straight-forward for the average homeowner.

“Where it starts is with the valuation that is mailed out in February or March.  On residential properties, like houses, and commercial businesses, we are trying to achieve fair-market value,” said Clough.

In May, Clough’s office certifies the valuations.

Taxes are not charged based on the total value of the property, but only on a portion of its value.

“In Kansas, the whole state, not county-to-county, residential is taxed at an 11.5 percent assessment rate.  Commercial property is at a 25 percent rate.  When you get those bills in November, that’s what’s going to show those values - those come from the County Treasurer.  The values that are on the tax statement are the assessed values,” said Clough.

Clough said if a homeowner paid $100,000 for a house, the valuation would be $100,000.  The assessed valuation would be $11,500 - based on the 11.5 percent valuation rate for residential properties in Kansas. 

“If you have a $100,000 valuated commercial property, the assessed valuation would be $25,000,” said Clough.

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