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Bollinger Holiday Cheer Taking Hold Along Rosewood

Posted 12/3/2015

Record  Staff

The ice storm just days before his light show had local Grizwold Austin Bollinger out in his front lawn taking a hairdryer to several Christmas light displays. 

“With all the ice, everything sorts out and blows the surge protectors - so literally nothing will turn on,” said Bollinger on Sunday afternoon.

Despite the frozen bulbs and blown fuses, Bollinger said he will not give up on nearly a year of work for the 2015 light show beginning this Thursday and ending New Years Day.  The show runs Sunday-Thursday from 6-10 p.m. and Friday-Saturday 6-11 p.m.

“I started setting everything up the day after Thanksgiving.  But I started stringing the lights right after Halloween.  This year I had to start doing all the sequences starting last January.  I have 64 Christmas light channels. I have to control all the sequences. It took triple the time of what it usually did.  And spreading it out to go on all the houses so it is all synchronized...,” said Bollinger.

In addition to the Bollinger home, neighbors gotten hooked in to the Holiday Spirit.

“It’s spreading. Our neighbors and three people across the street - six houses in total - are all synchronized.  There are 64 extension cords and 15,000 to 20,000 lights,” said Bollinger. 

He noted, however, that as long as the lights take to put up, taking them down in January is much less of a chore.

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Pick A Part: Robotics Team Seeking To Re-Stock With Community Help

Posted 12/3/2015

By Jackie Nelson

In this week’s edition, you will find a flyer for the Hesston Robotics fundraiser.  With just a few dollars, Hesston residents can help equip the two-time State Champion robotics team with much-needed parts and equipment.

Robotics teacher Trevor Foreman hopes to raise $5,000 to be used on parts for the program.

This year, the program is once again on track to bring home State Champion.

“The most exciting moment so far this season was by far the trip to Nebraska.  Taking second place in a 60-team competition is pretty cool!  I'm really looking forward to next semester to see what rookie groups set themselves apart,” said Foreman.

With the success of the program evident at competitions, enrollment has grown exponentially, from eight students the first year to 42 students in the class this year.

Parts listed for this year’s fundraiser are used in every bot on the team.

“These are the parts we are most in need of and these parts are used on every robot we have, regardless of how complex or simple the design is,” he said.

The Robotics team, which is in its fourth year, has brought home 45 trophies and two state championships through 12 competitions.

As an educator, Foreman said he as seen students thrive in the largely self-directed class. 

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Swather Fans Have New Options For Treats During Games

Posted 12/3/2015

By Jackie Nelson

This basketball season Swather fans will be in for a variety of treats at The Pit Stop, run by Denise Goevert and the Hesston High School Co-Op class. 

For the last decade, The Pit Stop has been part of Hesston High, with a soft opening in Feb. of 2005 and becoming fully-stocked in Aug. of 2005. 

This year, Goevert said there are some new items on the menu.

“The biggest addition is frozen yogurt, and we have transitioned to bottled drinks only for our sodas,” she said.

Goevert said the new yogurt option, which meats health guidelines, has been a huge hit.

“The addition of the frozen yogurt machine brings the hope of increased sales.  Since September when we started offering the frozen yogurt, we have seen traffic increase during the school day,” she said.

The yogurt machine also adds flexibility to the menu, with the students able to quickly swap out flavors.  Currently, Goevert said, cake batter and cookies and cream are the top-two flavor offerings. 

With new federal regulations regarding health guidelines, Goevert said The Pit Stop has had to quickly adapt to meet guidelines, keep product moving and keep customers happy.

“We also added fruit snacks and were able to find a whole grain pretzel and healthy option for our nacho cheese which allows us to sell them during the school day,” she said.

Finding foods that are both appealing and conforming to federal regulations is becoming a larger challenge for Goevert and her students. However, it has been a learning experience for the high school students. 

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Lafferty Wins Pigskin Picks

Posted 12/3/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Todd Lafferty won a pair of Chiefs tickets with his 93 correct picks in the Pig Skin Picks contest.  Lafferty finished just three ahead of Roger Pfaff’s 90 correct picks.

Lafferty, who has been playing Pig Skin Picks ever since he began teaching at Hesston Middle School.

“Someone at the Middle School puts it in our mailboxes to get us involved. I get it there and I started on Week One and kept going. I just wanted to see how I did,” he said.

He said the competition this year kept him on his toes.

“A lot of those games were tough to pick because they were well-matched and even games.  It was a coin-toss with Rossville and Collegiate,” he said.

Lafferty said the closely matched games, as well as upsets posed challenges this season.

“I just go with my guy, and most of the time, I’m not right.  Those games that are a coin-toss, I guess the wrong way. The upsets, those throw you off, too,” he said.

However, Pig Skin Picks gave Lafferty a good reason to watch football this fall.

“I like to watch a lot of football, even if it is just some game on ESPN2,” he said.

As a picker, Lafferty relies on a number of news outlets for statics and matchup information.

“I just go by what I read in the paper and what I’ve seen on ESPN about teams.  And, my gut, which isn’t the best method.  I just try to keep up on football. It’s my favorite sport to watch. There’s no secret; I just got lucky,” he said.

With a friendly competition going between Hesston Middle School teachers, Lafferty said it keeps them all more interested throughout the fall.

“It’s fun to compare and see how picks went. It’s a fun way to make those weekend games more interesting. It gives you more vested interest in whats happening in the games,” he said.

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