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Deadline Approaching For Local Election Ballot

Posted 1/15/2015

By Jackie Nelson

The filing deadline for local government is approaching. This year, three City Council seats and four USD 460 School Board seats are up for election.  

On Council, the three open seats are currently held by John Reimer, Lee Birch and Pat Moore. 

Councilmen Moore and Reimer said they do not plan to run for City Council again.  Councilman Lee Birch has submitted his petition for this year’s election. 

School Board postions up for election are held by Brenda Nebel, Delvin Wohlgemuth, Mike Weber and Mick Petrocci, up for election.

Wohlgemuth and Weber were appointed to the School Board to fill the terms of Ted Krehbiel and Melvin Schadler.  

Nebel, Wohlgemuth and Weber indicated they plan to run for election. Petrocci indicated it is not likely he will run for re-election.  Only Weber has filed for candidacy as of press deadline on Tuesday. 

Susan Rostetter had also field as a USD 460 School Board candidate. 

All City Council and School Board seats are at-large positions.  

Filing deadline for School Board and City Council is Noon on Tuesday, Jan. 27. There is a $5 filing fee due at the time of a candidate’s submission. 

Those running for USD 460 School Board must file with the Harvey County Courthouse.  Candidates for City Council may file with the Harvey County Courthouse or Hesston City Hall.  

School Board candidates must be registered voters residing within USD 460.  Council candidates must be registered voters living in Hesston City Limits. 

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Pick The Games And Win Thunder Tickets

Posted 1/15/2015

The Hesston Record’s Hoopsmania contest retruns this week for an 11-week run that will end in March with someone winning Oklahoma City Thunder tickets.

The grand prize is two tickets to an Oklahoma City Thunder game, which will go to the picker who gets the most games correct this season. Competitors can also earn a weekly prize of $25 if they are the top picker for the week. The winnings are issued in Hoopsmania money and must be spent at participating merchants.

“We have a lot of dedicated basketball fans in Hesston so we expect close competition. This year we added a new wrinkle by offering the Thunder tickets. The Chiefs tickets are always popular so we wanted to offer a pro basketball prize,” said Record Publisher Robb Reeves.

The season’s first Hoopsmania entry can be found on page 9.

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Swather Bots Come Out On Top

Posted 1/15/2015

By Jackie Nelson

An alliance of two Hesston robotics teams came away the champions of the first Robotics Tournament of the year at Hesston High on Saturday. 

Teams Cortex Kings and 2B Or Not 2B with robotics students Kendrick Weaver, Zach Rizza, Riley Armstrong and Austin Weaver came away with first place after a three-round nail biter against the alliance of the Cochlear Marauders, Graham Stauffer, Adam Epp and Jacob Collins and ?The Question?, Aaron Fuqua and Micha Miller. 

The end looked inevitable when 2B Or Not 2B’s bot tipped in the second of the best-of-three championship.  Despite the disabled bot, the alliance out-scored the Cochlear Marauders and ?The Question? by only two points. 

“It [went] really well! I’m pumped! We didn’t know how this tournament would go. We didn’t want to be cocky,” said Armstrong.  

However, Armstrong was confident he and his teammate, a rookie, would have a good season. 

“I knew how smart he was and I told Foreman, “I want Weaver,”” he said. 

Robotics instructor Trevor Foreman said the winning alliance was a mixed bag, after seeing teams in classroom competitions. 

Kendrick Weaver and Zach Rizza, they have had the best bot in the classroom competitions all year, so I was not surprised about them winning the tournament.  

“On the other hand, Riley Armstrong and Austin Weaver, yes, I was pleasantly surprised.  They had some struggles early on in the process, but the last two weeks leading up to the meet they really did some good things and make a lot of progress.  I thought they would do well, but not winning the tournament well,” he said. 

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School Board Discusses Money and Improvements

Posted 1/15/2015

By Jenna Quintin 

 The Hesston School board met for the first time in the New Year. Budgets and school improvements were major themes.

In his Superintendent report, Paul Becker discussed some tech team goals. One included projector replacement. While some TVs have been successful implemented in the high school and middle school, they are looking at smaller, cheaper and more mobile projector units for the elementary school.

The tech team is also looking at more iPads for the middle school and replacing aging MacBooks with iPads.

A concern for the future was whether the amount of storage on a 16-gigabite iPad would be enough for video projects or the increasing use of digital textbooks.

Becker noted that in the future, items like a 3D printer of laster etcher could be purchased. The options and uses would need to be discussed.

The team is also considering the implications of allowing students to use their own devices in class. Questions to address included liability for damage, loss or theft and compatibility.

• For the 2014-15 school year, USD 460 receives $10,509 in E-Rate funding for telephone, cell service, web hosting, and Internet.

Next school year, web hosting will no longer be funded, and telephone and cell phones will gradually be eliminated over the next five years. By 2017-2018, the district will have lost $6,868 in yearly funding.

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