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L.O.B. Ballot Discussion Jan. 26

Posted 1/22/2015

Record Staff

A ballot will be going out to Hesston Residents for voter approval for USD 460 to permanently raise the Local Option Budget (LOB) to 33 percent from 31 percent. 

USD 460 Superintendent Paul Becker said an informational meeting will be held Monday, Jan. 26 at 7 p.m. at Hesston High auditorium. 

Becker said the increase in the LOB would not result in any kind of increase in taxes and could allow USD 460 to lower the Mill Levy. 

Becker said funds flowing into the LOB were critical for the day-to-day operations of USD 460. 

“We use it for daily expenses and could look at losing almost $120,000.  However, our Capital Outlay would bring in $80,000.  But, Capital Outlay funds are restricted in what they can be used for,” he said. 

Becker said USD 460 has been hit hard in recent years. 

“We are down nearly $180,000 in the General Fund over the last two years,” he said. 

 In a previous ballot measure, residents voted to increase the LOB one percent to 31 percent.  The School Board was granted authority by the state to vote to increase the LOB an additional 2 percent for one year only to 33 percent. 

A second mail ballot is required to make the increase to 33 percent permanent. 

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Off To The Races

Posted 1/22/2015

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Boy Scouts Pack 112 will be racing their way into Scouting history at one of the largest Pinewood Derby meets the Hesston troop has seen in several years.  Scout leader Andy Gamble estimates there will be over 50 cars in the tournament between Scouts and the Outlaw class. 

The pack is so large the location of the Derby has been moved to Hesston Elementary School, having outgrown the basement of the United Methodist Church. 

Car weigh-in will begin at noon and cars will be launching at 1 p.m.

This year 10-year-old Jesse Lopez, one of the newest members of the Hesston Troop, will be taking part in his first Pinewood Derby. 

“I’ve wanted to be in the Scouts since I was little. This was the first time my mom let me give it a try,” said Jesse.  

His mother, Michal Lopez, said getting her son involved was a good way to integrate him into the community.

“We just moved back and it was a good way to get him interacting with more kids. And to get him away from his video games for a while,” she said. 

Jesse’s car became a family affair as his grandfather, Vern Voth, stepped in to help him make his first Derby car. 

“Between cutting it and painting it, it took maybe a couple hours.  Jesse went online and found a design he liked and picked out the color,” said Voth. 

Voth said working on the project with his grandson gave them a chance to connect and learn how to overcome challenges. 

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T.A.G. Kicking Off At Hesston Public Library

Posted 1/22/2015

Record Staff 

 The Hesston Public Library is seeking teenagers in the Hesston community to help shape the collection and young adult area at the library.  The first Teen Advisory Group (T.A.G.) meeting will be held next Thursday evening, Jan. 29, at Hesston Public Library after-hours at 8:30 p.m. 

Director Libby Albers said T.A.G. is part of a growing national trend to include teenagers and young adults in their communities and help create a space young adults enjoy. 

“Teens have their own needs and their own issues. We want to give them a chance to come together and share those ideas and create a space that meets those unique needs,” she said. 

Albers said Holly Nickell has been a driving force behind the program and bringing young adults into the library

“It’s easy to get emerging readers and people with young families.  But older kids have their smartphones and other things going on and the library can fall off the radar.  We want to engage those young people ad get their ideas,” said Albers.

Not only would the T.A.G. group benefit the community by making Hesston Public Library more teen-friendly, but those in the group would also benefit. 

“Kids that age are looking for ways to set themselves apart and be competitive when it comes to scholarships.  Advisory groups, activities, tutoring programs, those all look really good on college applications, resumes and scholarship applications. 

“They will also get first crack at any books they choose when they order. They’ll be able to put their name down as the first reader and get it before it even goes on the shelves.  That’s one of the perks,” she said. 

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Hesston Public Library T.A.L.Ks Books

Posted 1/22/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Today, food will be on the minds and lips of those visiting the Hesston Public Library for the Food For Thought book talk through the Kansas Humanities Council this evening at 7 p.m. 

The Food For Thought topic will center around the book Miriam’s Kitchen. 

Director Libby Albers said the Food for Thought Series through book T.A.LK (Talk About Literature in Kansas) is a grant-funded program to bring a variety of speakers to Hesston Public Library to discuss various books.

In the first Book TALK series, Food For Thought, books will have a food theme, from honest biographies on keeping a Kosher Kitchen to a fictional account of a young man trying to find his way while surrounded by the sights, smells and tastes of an urban café.  

“The discussions will have all different styles. Some may be more laid back and more discussion based, others might be more of a traditional lecture.  It really depends on the style of each presenter,” said Albers. 

Book TALK events will last only about one hour. 

The series, consisting of four books, can be joined at any time. 

Albers said the Food For Thought series was particularly timely with other events happening at Hesston Public Library. 

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