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Winter Chill Warmed Up With Night Of Blues

Posted 1/8/2015

By Jackie Nelson

On Jan. 21, Hesstonians will have the opportunity to get out of the house and Beat The Winter Blues at a free community-wide event at Hesston High School from 5:30 to 8 p.m. 

The event will feature three musical performance groups.  The Hesston High School Jazz Band will perform the opening sets for headliner A Terra Plana, a Brazilian inspired band from Wichita and the evening will close with the Hesston College Gospel Choir. 

In addition to the musical performances, the Hesston Area Senior Center will be providing a free meal to the public, served in the commons.  The Pit Stop will also be open for business for patrons to purchase snacks, smoothies and drinks.  

There will also be a scarf tree for residents to beat the winter cold by taking a scarf or bringing a scarf to hang on the tree for others to take.

“It isn’t just knit scarves, bring bandannas, shawls, kerchiefs, any kind of thing you can put around your neck.  It is just another fun way to fight the cold.  You hear about ugly sweaters, bring your ugly, unique and extra scarves and take some, too. Scarves are playful things,” said event visionary Dwight Roth. 

Community partners will have tables of information and take-aways for guests.

Roth said he and Hesston Community Foundation Director Susan Lamb came together with the idea of providing a community event at a time when many residents have little reason to leave the house. 

“We talked about the value of bringing together different groups in one setting,” he said. 

Lamb added the event idea was well-received, “Dwight and I simultaneously  liked the concept of a community wide event in the winter when people might really be ready for something to do.” 

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Artist Takes Mathematic Approach To Creating Abstract Art

Posted 1/8/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Andy Brown takes a mathematical approach to his abstract art.  Huge, acrylic paintings feature geometric shapes, golden ratios and Fibonacci numbers in bold, primary colors.  Brown, a Kansas State University art graduate in 1973, has kept with 1970s era hard-edge painting. 

 “I’m a computer developer I naturally take a mathematical approach and a geometric approach to my work,” he said. 

Brown said art was his first love as an undergraduate, but his passion led him into the very technical design and engineering field. 

“I got into computers and engineering because of art. I was working with an engineering firm working on highway interchanges, and this was before we had software, and learned how to plot all the curves,” he said. 

Brown began incorporating elements of engineering and technical precision into his abstract art.  

“Art is a mathematical exercise in color for me. I think the world is defined by four colors, emotionally. There’s red, yellow, each is dominated by one color.  I try to spread my colors around I did three blue pieces in a row, and then move on,” he said. 

A constant theme for Brown’s work is the Golden Ratio, a mathematically proven aesthetic ratio of 1 to 1.6.

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Flying High: Pilots Cruising The Air At HHS

Posted 1/8/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Planes, helicopters and experimental aircraft took the friendly skies of the Hesston High Auxiliary gym on Sunday afternoon.  Over a dozen pilots brought their miniature aircraft to the fly-in session.  

President of the Newton Area Radio Control Club, Randy Manquist, has been part of the organization for the past 17 years. Manquist said he has been an aviation enthusiast since childhood.

“I grew up in Nebraska and there wasn’t a plane that flew over that I didn’t watch until it disappeared.  My parents knew I wasn’t going to stay on the farm.  I became a flight test engineer. 

“I started flying [models] in 1997.  I’ve been involved with aviation my whole life. I went to work at Beechcraft and Cessna and now Learjet.  This is just another form of aviation and it’s a nice group of people,” he said. 

Pilot Tim Moland, whose aeronautic acrobatics can be found on the Hesston Record’s facbook page, said he also got involved in model airplanes as a child. 

“My dad [George Moland] got me into flying. He’s been doing it since before I was born.  I picked it up when I was about 12-years-old,” he said. 

Teenager A.J. Smith was also hooked into model airplanes by his father, Drew Smith. 

“I got a plane for my 10th birthday and I find a lot of enjoyment in flying with other people,” he said. 

Moland, who has been an enthusiast for many years, said he has taken advantage of the changes and adaptations model aircraft and undergone. 

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