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Wish Comes True For Toddler With Leukemia

Posted 6/18/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Eli Vela finally had his wish for a Kawasaki Mule granted on Friday afternoon at Dan’s Cycle.  After a fever and minor infection postponed the Make A Wish wish reveal party in May, Eli was finally able to fulfill his wish.

Friday was the culmination of months of work by The Judies - Make A Wish Kansas Wish Granters - Judy Casey and Judy Froese.  The pair have granted over 40 wishes for Kansas children.

“The family wanted him to have something tangible and that would stay with him rather than a trip to Disney,” said Casey.

Casey said the Judies made sure to have a back-up Wish, in case a wish as large as a utility vehicle couldn’t be granted.

However, when Make A Wish contacted Dan’s Cycle, owners Dan and Kamme Erb were determined to make Eli’s wish come true.

Kamme said Dan’s Cycle as one of the highest volume Kawisaki dealers in the tri-state area, has resources available for events like the Wish Grant.

“We had some benefit money from being a large volume dealer to help pay for part of the Mule,” she said.

Kamme said being involved in the wish gave her a greater appreciation for her health and the health of her children.

“No one would trade their health for a gift.  Seeing what this family has gone through  makes me grateful for what we have. It motivated us to help make his life better,” she said. 

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Lights, Camera, Action At HCC Summer Camp

Posted 6/18/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Action and adventure abound as child cinematographers take Hesston by storm.  This summer, the Hesston Childcare Center summer camp is making movie magic each week. Executive Producer of the camp is Hesston College Theater Director Rachel Jantzi.  The children involved in the camp range from first through sixth grade.

Each week of the camp, a new movie is conceptualized, written, props created, filmed and edited.

“There is an art to storytelling.  The kids have a theme, but they have a big say in the creative process,” she said.

Parents can see this summer’s blockbuster hits in August when a complet DVD will be released to parents of all the children involved in the camp and an Academy Awards party will be hosted.

“It gives kids a sense of pride in their work.  Thy have something tangible at the end of the summer to show they were a part of the process,” she said.

Jantzi said children of all ages in the camp are put in groups to create their own portions of a film.

“We had four staff people working with different groups of kids on the nature documentary. We had kids that took their portion in a very analytical, scientific direction. There was a group that was just a lot more out-there and a lot funnier about how they approached their portion. 

“They all reached the same goal.  We want these kids to be ok with knowing there isn’t just one right way. There isn’t just one right answer but to embrace different perspectives,” said Jantzi. 

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Beyond Just Flipping Burgers

Posted 6/18/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Bryce Bruner has worked at Hesston’s Sonic since 2013.  Bruner said there is a great deal more to fast-food service than simply flipping burgers.

“There are different sections - carhops, cooks, middle people and drive.  Carhops take orders, cooks make the burgers ad whatever else, the middle people make drinks and slushies and drive is the one that talks to people in the drivethru,” he said. 

After nearly two years at Sonic, Bruner said he is familiar with all the sections and has worked each many times.

With under four minutes to put out any given order, Bruner said it does not take much for the system to become overloaded.

“The hardest part is our speed of service. Sometimes we’re short staffed if someone called in, or we just don’t have enough employees.  There’s always people that order six things, or ice cream in the middle of a rush; that’s always fun.  You have to drop everything and deal with ice cream. 

“The ones that slow us down and I don’t like making are banana splits or molten sundaes.  They’re a lot of work.  You have bananas you have to peel and slice, add toppings, it just takes a lot more time,” he said.

However, Sonic staples like tots, fries and burgers, take less than a minute to assemble and moved out the door. 

With thousands of workers in Hesston looking for lunch, Bruner said the rush can be brutal. 

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