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Fireworks To Light Up Hesston Next Week

Posted 6/25/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Independence Day is fast approaching.  This year, Hesston residents can celebrate the holiday for four full days. 

According to this year’s City Council ordinance, fireworks can be discharged July 1-2 from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.  With the Fourth of July falling on a weekend, residents can shoot fireworks on Friday and Saturday, July 3-4, from 8 a.m. to midnight.

For fireworks enthusiasts looking to pick up pyrotechnics, there are two fireworks vendors in Hesston this year.

Prestige Printing, located on the north end of Old Town Square, will be selling fireworks July 1-4. 

According to owner Norm Critchfield, fireworks will be on sale during hours fireworks can be discharged within city limits.

“We decided since we have more space this year in our new location we could offer Hesston residents a choice to make their purchases,” he said. 

Critchfield said Prestige Printing will be selling fireworks for all ages and budgets.

“We will be selling a wide variety of fireworks, from smoke balls to artillery shells with prices for every budget,” he said.

He added unlike traditional tent-run operations, Prestige Printing customers can shop in air conditioned comfort and offers the convenience of using credit or debit cards for purchases, as well as cash or checks.

The second location selling fireworks will be a traditional tent operation on the east side of Hesston near Panda Kitchen and AmericInn. 

Specific information on the second stand was not available as of press time on Tuesday afternoon. 

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Marine TakingLess-Than-Traditional Tour Of The U.S.

Posted 6/25/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Toran Gaal is biking across the United States. However, his journey is unique.  Gaal is making the whole trip using a hand-cycle.  A veteran, 28-year-old Gaal was injured in 2011 during his third deployment.  The injury resulted in the loss of both his legs, a hip and a traumatic brain injury.

Throughout his journey, Gaal is raising money for Simper Fi, an organization providing financial assistance to injured soldiers and the families.

“My goal is to raise $40,000 for Simper Fi,” he said.

Gaal said four years ago he would not have imagined making a trip across the United States under his own power.

“I never thought I’d get where I am today. Four years ago I was about a dead body.  But with the support of friends, my family and Simper Fi I’m able to do this,” he said.

Gaal added Achilles International, was instrumental in providing equipment for the trip.

“They’re a great organization.  They help people with disabilities get into adaptive sports,” he said.

Simper Fi picked up the cost for Gaals retrofitted, hand-powered cycle.

“Learning how to walk with prosthetics was a pain,” he said.

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Beat The Heat In Hesston

Posted 6/25/2015

By Jackie Nelson

With the first day of summer last Sunday, temperatures are climbing across Kansas.  However, Hesstonians do not have to go far to find ways to beat the heat this summer. 

Several local businesses, as well as publicly accessible parks and the Rec Center pool are giving residents options on ways to cool down but still have some fun in the sun.



Cost - $30 for 10 punches (one punch per person)

Hours - 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pool - 5 feet deep

Capacity - limit 25 people 

Bonus - Hot tub access with pool pass, indoors 

Available - Year round


Americas Best Value Inn

Cost - $3 per person

Hours - 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Pool - 3- to 9-feet-deep

Capacity - No limit

Bonus - Indoors

Available - Year Round

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Canine Crusader On A Quest For Confident Readers

Posted 6/25/2015

By Jackie Nelson

One very special pooch now has his own Hesston Public Library card and is looking for kids to read to him.

Therapy dog Bill and his human, Chris McKellip, made a special stop in Hesston last Wednesday to host the Summer Reading Program for very young children.

Hesston Public Library Director Libby Albers said Bill is in a class of his own as a Mutt-I-Grees program graduate.

“People take to reading in different ways.  Reading to an animal is less intimidating.  A dog isn’t going to correct you, they’re just going to listen.  They’re the perfect audience,” she said.

McKellip said Bill has been visiting Hesston, but is a regular working therapy dog with her at Santa Fe school in Newton, where she and Bill work with special needs students. 

“All the students look forward to seeing Bill. It really provides them with some stress relief. I can even use him as a reward to help kids with their behavior,” said McKellip. 

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HC Helping Fledgling Pilots Get Off The Ground

Posted 6/25/2015

By Jackie Nelson

While there are dozens of private pilots in Harvey County, Hesston College has one of the largest pilot training programs in the area.

Dan Miller, Director of Aviation at Hesston College, and Adam Unruh, a 2014 graduate and now Hesston College flight instructor, are keeping Harvey County’s aspiring pilots aloft.

As a recent graduate, Unruh said his first job out of college is a far better occupation than many of his peers face.

“There is no other job that has a better office view. It’s better than what a lot of my friends are doing now. Nothing beats being in the sky,” he said.

Miller said he knew even as a child he was not destined to have a typical desk job. 

“I was chided in grade school for looking out the window.  If I could find those sweet old ladies, I’d say, ‘Look at me now.’  My job is looking out the window at the world,” said Miller.

Unruh added in addition to an unbeatable corner office view, pilots do not suffer the restrictions of those below.

\“You have so much more freedom. You don’t have the restrictions of a two-dimensional road.  I’ve always loved planes.  I’m fascinated with how they get off the ground, even when it doesn’t seem possible,” said Unruh.

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Pair Working To Kick Off Co-op

Posted 6/25/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Dawn Lafferty and Sarahann Unruh are working to bring a new market coop to Hesston - Bountiful Basket. 

Bountiful Basket, they said, is a non-profit coop specializing in in-season, U.S.-grown produce.  The ladies are currently working to bring a Bountiful Basket stop to Hesston.

Both Unruh and Lafferty have been part of the co-op for over a year. 

“I started when my boys were going through a growth spurt,” said Unruh.

Both ladies added they were impressed with the amount of produce with each delivery.

“There’s nothing like putting all that in your fridge and having all that stuff to feed your family,” said Lafferty.

The variety and seasonal vegetables and fruits pushed families out of their culinary comfort zones.

“I’ve tried a lot of different things doing this that I wouldn’t have tried. I would have spent the money on things I knew the kids would eat.  It helps us all eat more variety and we haven’t been disappointed,” said Lafferty.

Unruh added as much of the produce as possible is grown in the United States.

“They buy from smaller farms with smaller carbon footprints. They’re not buying from the growers that supply Walmart and Dillons,” she said.

Because Bountiful Basket is an established co-op those ordering make a contribution that is then pooled to purchase produce.

“All the money gets put into a pot for that site.  Then that money is used to buy produce.  You never know what you’re going to get in your basket, which is part of the fun. It’s nothing too outlandish.  Normally you get things like cucumbers, bananas, blueberries, lettuce, cabbage.  I’ve gotten peppers, spicy peppers and we got some really good mangos,” said Lafferty.

Deliveries are made every-other-week with contributions due by the Monday prior to delivery. 

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