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Citywide Garage List Is Now Closed!

Posted 6/8/2015

Citywide garage list is now closed! If you want to run a classified ad for a garage sale it is $15.00 must be placed by 5pm today. It will NOT be in the garage sale pull out section of the Hesston Record, but would be in the classified section.

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Deadline Near For Hesston Citywide Garage Sale

Posted 6/4/2015

By Record Staff

The Hesston citywide garage sale has been set for Saturday, June 13. The Hesston Record is promoting garage sales by advertising in area newspapers and on websites next week. Residents having sales can get a garage sale promotion kit at The Record office. The kit includes an ad in The Record’s special section and map, garage sale signs, tip sheet, and balloons. Kits are $14. The deadline to turn in your sale advertisement and receive your kit is Monday, June 8, at 5 p.m.

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Smith Leaps To Second State Triple Jump Title

Posted 6/4/2015


JUSTIN Smith takes his final jump of 44 feet, 4.25 inches in the finals of the Class 3A triple jump during the state track meet Friday at Cessna Stadium in Wichita. He won the gold medal for the second year in a row.  For more Swather Track action, see our sports section. 

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A Snapshot Of Summer

Posted 6/4/2015

By Jackie Nelson

The Hesston Record is kicking off its Youth and Education series “Kids At Work” featuring local youth and their summer jobs.  Features will range from home-businesses to working retail and food service.  

If you have a young adult you would like to see featured, contact editor Jackie Nelson at, send us a message on facebook, The Hesston Record, or tweet @RecordTime. 

Bailey Barker, a recent Hesston High graduate is also a young entrepreneur.  She has started her own photography business, Bailey Barker Photography, under the guidance of local artisan Brittni Rhodes. 

“I messaged her [Rhodes] and asked if she wanted any help or if it was possible to intern for her and get more experience with photography and learn more about photo shoots. She said she was interested in doing that and it was great I was pursuing taking photos,” said Barker 

Barker said she has had several shoots with friends and local families. 

“It’s really great when I see one of my pictures as a profile photo [on facebook].  Its fun seeing what people do with them,” she said. 

One family Barker is a regular sitter for has one of her photos enlarged and on display in their home. 

While working at a shoot, getting all the details right makes or breaks a photo. 

“Positioning and posing people is the most difficult thing.  You’ll have a photo in our mind, but how you want them to pose doesn’t come across the right way.  And, getting the right lighting and angels is a challenge,” she said. 

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Octogenarian Takes A Drive In Derby

Posted 6/4/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Lennea Nikkel, an octogenarian from Schowalter Villa, and Certified Restorative Aid Brianna White, reached nearly 120 miles per hour during their 30-second, 500-foot freefall from a Cessna 182D on May 21. 

“It was very much a spur of the moment thing,” said Nikkel.  

In March, Nikkel was part of a play-group of Villa residents with Childcare Center children.  The group activity centered around a parachute.  That day, Joanna Friesen, a coordinator for Schowalter Villa asked the group a fateful question – “How many of you would go skydiving.” 

Nikkel said of the dozen seniors in the group, she was the only one to raise her hand.  

“It was the first time I ever thought about it,” said Nikkel. 

Friesen took the idea and began coordinating the logistics of 84-year-old Nikkel’s first parachute jump.  

Nikkel said while her decision was on impulse, she had plenty of time to consider her decision, as rain and weather caused four re-schedules.  

Accompanying Nikkel on her jump was White, who was also a first-time skydiver. 

“I’ve flown about 10 times before.  I’m scared of flying. I’m scared of heights.  Jeff [Friesen] couldn’t go. And I thought ‘Why not?’ and I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity,” she said. 

When the day of the jump arrived, Nikkel and White were packed into a plane with two tandem instructors and a pilot. 

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Tail Draggers Touching Down South Of Hesston

Posted 6/4/2015

By Jackie Nelson

This summer, The Record is beginning a new series focusing on local aviation hobbyists, their planes and why they continue to fly the Harvey County skies. Each week, The Record plans to feature one pilot.  

Carl Weaver has been flying since 1969, and has found a passion for unique, classic aircraft.    

“I grew up on a Mississippi dairy farm, and down there, there are a lot of spraying outfits.   I remember, as a kid, they all had Stearmans and I would just watch and watch and dream,” he said. 

Weaver got in the air for the first time before he left home.

“The farmer next door gave me a ride two or three times. I rode in the back and then I decided to buy a plane,” he said. 

His first plane, he said, was ordered from Trade A Plane, a classified section for aviation hobbyists. 

“They delivered it and left right away.  The next day was Sunday and I decided I wanted to go flying, so I did – without any training.  I did and I landed without too much incident in a cow pasture,” he said. 

Decades, and nearly a dozen planes later, Weaver now owns two small planes for his own enjoyment.  One key feature of all his recreational planes, he said, is they are all tail draggers. 

“Tail draggers are unique. It’s a macho thing. Not everyone can fly one.  Of the younger pilots, even fewer can fly them. It’s like backing your car up at 40 miles-per-hour and keeping it straight,” he said. 

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