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Hesston High School Graduation

Posted 5/14/2015

COMMENCEMENT:  2 p.m. Sunday, May 17

Hesston High School Main Gym

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Rostetter Joins School Board

Posted 5/14/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Susan Rostetter was appointed as the newest member of the USD 460 school board. 

Rostetter was one of five candidates for the board during the April election.   She received 230 votes and was edged out from a seat by 57 votes.   Rostetter said she was “thrilled” to be appointed to the board.  

In looking for ways to stay involved and because of my respect for the teaching and administration staff here at Hesston USD 460, I made the decision to run for school board. It is important to me to keep the well-rounded education of kids in the forefront as the focus of all decisions I make while on the school board,” she said. 

Rostetter said she brings practical experience to the board.

“After working at the middle school for the last several years, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know so many families in our community. I love the environment present here in Hesston and have loved living here and being a part of USD 460,” she said. 

As a member, Rostetter said keeping up on school issues will be a top priority. 

I am committed to stay informed and to do my best to support the leadership here. With the financial uncertainties of state funding, the hiring of a new superintendent, and several big decisions on the table, the timing of being on the board  brings challenges. I am looking forward to doing my best to meet these challenges and to be a voice for the community I love and represent,” she said. 

As the newest active member of the board, Rostetter acknowledged there is a steep learning curve.

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Search For New USD 460 Superintendent Well Underway

Posted 5/14/2015

By Jackie Nelson

USD 460 is well into the process of finding a new superintendent to replace Paul Becker. At the Monday school board meeting, with an early starting time of 6 p.m., information on the search process and hiring timeline was requested from the board. According to a timeline handed out at the board meeting, the job was posted on April 28 to the district web page and two teaching and administrative professionals web pages – KEEB (Kansas Education Employment Board) and KASB (Kansas Association of School Boards). The deadline for resume submissions was noon on Monday, May 11. In the afternoon, a preliminary vetting of resumes was conducted by a committee of four: board member Zach Weaver, district curriculum coordinator Darla Smith, former superintendent Jack Hobbs, and departing superintendent Paul Becker. By the 6 p.m. meeting, the committee had selected a preliminary list of candidates. According to board president Mick Petrocci, as of Monday evening’s meeting, five finalists had been selected. During the Monday evening meeting, board members selected finalists to be interviewed. Those names were not released at the meeting. According to the presented timeline, reference checks for candidates will take place Wednesday, May 12, through Friday, May 15. Interviews are planned for May 18-20 to be held by board members. Incoming board member Susan Lamb has not been included in the process. Lamb said, “I considered requesting to be a part of the process, but decided that I would not pursue that avenue.” Board representatives will visit the top candidates’ districts May 21-22. A special meeting will be held May 22 or 23 to approve a contract. There will be no opportunity for community members to meet candidates – whose names have not been disclosed, despite requests from The Record. The issue of what questions to ask applicants was also raised at the meeting. “What we’ve done in the past is we’ve asked questions, we move on so everyone gets the same questions. We keep it pretty consistent through the process that way. Some look redundant. If they answer the same question a different way, you get a different perspective. We are planning the use the questions we used last time unless there are objections,” said Petrocci during the meeting. A request by The Record for those questions was denied as of press deadline Tuesday. Clerk of the board Judy Reimer replied, “No, probably not, but I will check with KASB,” in response to a verbal request for the questions during the meeting. According to Petrocci, the board will not be considering an interim superintendent. When asked about special qualifications for the position, Petrocci said the only necessary qualification is holding a Kansas Superintendent Licensure. When asked about any red flags that would eliminate candidates, Petrocci said, “I can’t say. There were some candidates that raised red flags and they were no longer pursued.” When asked about the duration of the contract Petrocci said, “We haven’t talked about the contract. It is typically two years.” If the timeline is disrupted and Becker departs before a new superintendent is hired, inquiries about district leadership were unclear. Reimer indicated an “administrative team” would fill in while a superintendent was found.

Superintendent Search Timeline

April 28 – Job posted

May 11 – Application deadline,

Process applications,

Compile preliminary candidate list

Board Review of compiled list

Candidate Finalist Selection

May 12-15 – Candidate Reference Checks

May 18-20 – Interviews

May 21-22 – Candidate District Visits

May 22/23 – Board holds special meeting to approve contract 

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Water Color Club Has Spring Works On Display In May

Posted 5/14/2015

By Jackie Neslon

The Hesston Watercolor Club is putting their bright and spring-themed art on display for the month of May. 

Founder of the club, Susan Kruger, said the gallery features five artists – herself, Shery Drier, Carol Eck, Darlene Schroeder and Joline Ratzlaff.  

“I started it when we moved here about 13 years ago. It just started with short classes,” she said. 

Now, the group meets regularly to paint, provide feedback and maintain friendships. 

“Getting out with people and being part of a community has kept me coming back.  And all the people that walk stop in when we are painting.  It brings a lot of interest,” said Carol. 

“Every year we like to do a show for the club.  We put up mostly our new work,” she said. 

Kruger said the group finds ways to stay inspired through critiques and the occasional field trip to area art museums. 

“We try to get out and go on field trips as a group. We are going to try and really get those going again,” she said. 

Painting club members said they have made the club a priority in their weekly schedules. 

“There are people that are dying or getting Alzheimer’s. I think I’m the oldest one here.  But it is part of my schedule.  I’m not painting nearly as much as I was two years ago, but it keeps me active,” she said. 

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Kids To Start Summer With A Splash

Posted 5/14/2015

By Record Staff

Kids will have the opportunity to celebrate the start of summer after the last day of school on May 22 with a water fight at King Park from 6 to 8 p.m. with the Hesston Fire Department getting in on the action, bringing its ladder truck to spray down kids with the water cannon.  

The fight, sponsored by Fuqua Insurance, is a chance to let off steam and celebrate the start of summer.  Fuqua Insurance will be handing out 150 water guns to school-aged children for free at the event.  

“The idea came about with our Lindsborg branch manager who did it last year.  We expanded on it a little,” said Chad Fuqua.  

Fuqua said in addition to including the Hesston Fire Department, the Hesston Boy Scouts will be hosting a cookout to raise funds for the troop. 

“We want to get people out and talking and getting to know one another.  We wanted to have something fun, and we can help support the Boy Scouts,” he said. 

Fuqua said the event is open to anyone and everyone, but squirt guns will be reserved for school-age children.  

“We are looking forward to getting to know some of the people in town we haven’t had the opportunity to meet,” said Fuqua. 

He added, for parents looking to stay high and dry during the water fight, there will be an official dry zone in the Shelter House as well as the surrounding concrete.  

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New Emergency Response Equipment Approved

Posted 5/14/2015

By Record Staff

Within the next year, a new fire engine and a new ambulance will be rolling down the street of Hesston.

Fire and EMS Director Russ Buller discussed financing options for the previously approved purchase of a rescue pumper. With a prepayment of 75%, there would be a $30,000 discount on the overall price, while still leaving some purchase protection to be paid at the end.

With pre-build and mid-build assessments in Minnesota for any change orders, Buller anticipates the engine will be delivered roughly a year from when the contract is signed.

Buller brought two bids for a new ambulance. The city's two current ambulance are a 1999 with some 93,000 hard miles and a 2006 that has a 6-liter diesel engine, which has proved problematic in many ambulances. Buller said he is afraid the 2006 may end up costing a lot of money in repairs.

Buller proposed to use the 1999 as a reserve ambulance. He would like to discuss the campus and converting a building for storage, otherwise the reserve could be parked behind the other ambulances.

The council approved the recommendation to accept the bid from Horton Emergency Vehicles for a total of $189,500 with 75% prepaid for a reduction of $2,500 or more.

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