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Swathers Sound Off

Posted 10/15/2015

By Record Staff

The sound of silence would prevail over Coming Home celebrations without the efforts of 37 of Hesston High musicians and one dedicated director.

Lyle Graverson has been at the helm of the HHS band for seven years.

Graverson directs the pep band, concert band and jazz band, all of which performed this weekend during Coming Home.

The Swather musicians started off their performances on Thursday afternoon, rallying students for the pep rally.

Drummer Micha Miller said gathering the students is one of the highlights of Coming Home.

“The drumline, going down the halls and taking the whole student section to the rally is really cool,” he said.

Senior guitar player Jake Wingfield juggles his time between football and band through most of the first semester.

“People need to listen to the music - don’t just listen to the sound, pay attention to the music,” he said.

Miller said without the band, there is no backdrop for the fight song chants, cheer dances or touchdown celebrations.

“They listen to the same songs at the basketball and football games. They might not realize the potential or stories of how we all started playing music and what we bring,” he said.

Senior Robby Mabrey added, “We have some individuals who are extraordinarily talented. There’s a lot of potential for this band to go pretty far.”

When gearing up for three days, filled with five performances, Graverson said he begins preparing his players weeks in advance.

“We started working on some of the music for homecoming a couple of weeks ago,” said Graverson. 

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McPherson Man Killed On Dutch Avenue

Posted 10/15/2015

Record Staff

Early Monday morning, Brenton Brawner, 20, of McPherson, was killed in an accident in the 19000 block of Dutch Ave. Moundridge emergency services responded to the scene. Brawner was driving an allegedly stolen COX truck and traveling eastbound when he lost control of the vehicle and hit a bridge guard rail. The rail impaled the truck, causing the vehicle to flip and go into Sand Creek according to a release issued by the Harvey County Sheriff’s Department. According to Harvey County Sheiriffs, the driver died on scene as a result of the accident. The investigation revealed the truck had been stolen out of Hutchinson and Brawner was not a COX employee. “The vehicle was reported stolen from our Hutchinson facility. We have surveillance documentation showing it was stolen about 4 a.m. Monday morning,” said Dennis Clary, Senior manager of Public Affairs for COX. Clary added, “It’s tragic all the way around, regardless of the means they acquired our property. We’re thinking of him, his family and those close to him.”

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Uninvited Religious Group Escorted Off Hesston College Campus

Posted 10/15/2015

Record Staff

Last week, an unidentified religious group was escorted off Hesston College campus by resident advisors and the Hesston Police Department.

According to Hesston Police Chief Doug Schroeder the group claimed to be from Colorado and was recruiting members to their church.

“They approached adults on campus and were relying their ideology.  Campus officials asked them to leave.  We did have contact with them after Hesston College alerted us,  and how strange the situation was,” said Schroeder.

Hesston officers spoke with members of the group, “Basically we heard their story and verified it. There was no criminal action taken. It was a consensual encounter and they continued on,” said Schroeder.

Schroeder added the group did not indicate they would be going door-to-door in the community.

“The same group was doing something similar to Wichita. They wanted to take you right then and there to their church. That isn’t familiar territory for many of us and people got that overall creepy feeling that something wasn’t right,” said Schroeder.

However, he emphasized there was no criminal wrong-doing in any of the encounters.

According to an article written by Kayla Travis and published in the Hesston College Horizon newspaper, the group arrived in several cars.

“According to Juli Winter, Hesston College Director of Campus Life, 12-15 young men were seen on campus Friday talking to students and telling them about their religious beliefs, asking for phone numbers, and inviting them to bible studies. But they weren’t invited,” read Travis’ article.

According to the Horizon, students were approached at the Hesston College library with a focus on Passover practices and religious dogma. 

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Unknown Person Approaching Children After School

Posted 10/15/2015

Doug Schroeder

Hesston Police Department

Within the past couple of days, the Hesston Police Department has been notified of two separate situations that we are continuing to investigate. In both instances, a USD 460 student was approached by an adult in a vehicle that asked them if they wanted to get into to vehicle.

Both times, students knew what to do and ran away or rode away on a bicycle. One incident was shortly after school hours and the other was in the early evening.

The Hesston Police Department has increased patrol presence in the area of our schools during those times. While there was no actual crime committed in these incidents, the behavior is suspicious enough that the Hesston Police Department would like to locate the vehicle and driver for further investigation.

The vehicle and occupant have been described very similarly in both reported incidents. The vehicle is a small black passenger car, described as either faded or rusty.  The driver is an older caucasian male with brownish/grey hair, perhaps salt and pepper colored, has some grey facial hair and was the only occupant.

The driver never attempted to exit the vehicle after verbally contacting the students or persue the child in any way.

Please take time to talk to your school-aged children about stranger danger and reinforce to them to never approach a car or individual they do not know.

If you or you child may have seen a vehicle or driver as described in these incidents either before or after school or after school activities, pelase contact the Hesston Police Department at 620-327-2020 or by calling 911. 

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Record Rides Along With Hesston PD

Posted 10/15/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Recently The Hesston Record had the opportunity to follow the shift of Hesston Police Department Sargent Chris Carter.  Carter, who has been with Hesston PD for 20 years, along with Chief Doug Schroeder, gave some seldom-seen insights into the daily workings of the department. 

“There really isn’t a typical day. We are kind of at the mercy of the radio.  Every day is a little different and every call is different.  Even the stray dog calls are not all the same,” he said.

Schroder said the officers at Hesston PD not only must have a specialized skill set as officers, but the personality to deal with all aspects of small-town policing. 

“All the different “hats” that small town police officers wear, officers are asked to do everything from catch loose dogs to investigate financial crimes.  Many times officers put their social work skills to work and counsel those they come in contact with.  In my opinion it takes special people to be able to do that on a consistent basis,” he said.

Carter said every shift begins with checking a wall of reports filed at the end of the previous officer’s shift.

“We have a sheet and we write down what happened that shift and if there are any follow-ups or if people call with questions, we have some idea of what happened before we came on. It’s just a simple communication thing that makes our jobs easier and keeps us informed,” he said.

Carder said after years of experience and reams of paperwork, he understands the importance of keeping records.

“Over the last 20 years, the most important thing I have learned as a cop, if it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen. Document everything,” said Carter.  

When dealing with citations and public interactions, Carter said officers are not always bogged down in paperwork. 

“The amount of paperwork we deal with really depends on the case. We can have a single sheet, or, like this summer, we had fight in front of City Hall. There were 17 people to interview and get statements from - it was 30-odd pages of paperwork for what was just a misdemeanor,” said Carter. 

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