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Library Puts Spotlight On Solar Power

Posted 10/22/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston Public Library is going green and saving money on its energy bill in 2016 with the addition of solar panels on the roof. 

The panels will be financed by a grant from Westar Energy.  Hesston Public Library was one of 17 organizations in Kansas to be awarded the grant funding for solar panels. 

“When Libby Albers submitted the application, it was apparent that there was a real benefit to youth and community education and Libby was focused on providing a great public education platform.  This also allows us to integrate a solar energy system into the central part of our state,” said Ben Postlethwait, Manager, Biology Conservation and Sustainability Programs for Westar. 

According to Hesston Public Library Director Libby Albers, the grant totals just over $60,000. 

“Westar sent out the proposal request in January of 2014. Public entities were able to participate in the pilot project. Westar and a local solar panel company, in our case, King Solar, work together to install, monitor and maintain a solar panel system for 25 years,” she said.

Albers said the library would see a 10 to 20 percent savings in electrical costs through the project.  Patrons will also be able to monitor the amount of electricity being produced by the panels daily.

“People will be able to see real-time information on how much energy is being produced and what is offset in carbon emissions,” said Albers.

Gina Penzig, Westar Energy Media Relations Manager, said the projects are a way to bring solar energy into local conversations.

“Our community solar projects are an opportunity to raise awareness and educate consumers about solar energy and how different factors impact solar panel performance. To be considered, each project had to include a plan for using the solar panel installation and the data it provides to educate their clients about solar energy,” she said.

A portion of the savings realized by the project will be used to expand the collection and offer new programming opportunities. 

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Hesston Bethel Performing Arts Starts Series This Saturday

Posted 10/22/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston Bethel Performing Arts (HBPA) is swinging into its season this Saturday at Bethel College with Hot Club of San Francisco - a gypsy swing band.  The performance will feature vintage silent films scored by the swing group.

Matthew Schloneger, director of HBPA, said the organization has a 30-year history of bringing performers to Hesston College and Bethel College.

“All of these acts are touring. They may have a travel route starting to line up and are going from Oklahoma City or Kansas City or Lincoln of Denver and they want to fill dates in their calendars.

“We are willing to take a lower fee than full price if they are on their way from one place to another. That’s why the concerts are not all on the same day, we have mid-week dates. We are willing to trade those Friday and Saturday dates to get the groups we do,” he said.

Schloneger said while this season is just underway, he is already working on the 2016-2017 bookings.

“It’s also just a lot of hard work. I go to a booking conference.  Last month I met with 30 different agents and talked about a couple hundred different acts.  You have to look at dates and fees and routing and eventually find something that works within our limited budget,” he said.

To Schloneger, one of the greatest strengths of HBPA is not only the flexibility of scheduling, but the variety.

“There’s a smorgasbord. We keep hearing from patrons that’s what ty love. They love the diversity. it’s something different at every show. Our season ticket holders and regular patrons know us well enough and trust our programming, even if they’ve never heard of the group, they know it is going to be good and they’ll be interested,” he said.

To keep patrons engaged throughout the series, Schloneger casts a wide net when booking acts. 

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Emma Creek Quilt Guild Hosting Home Tour

Posted 10/22/2015

By Record Staff

The Emma Creek Quilt Guild is hosting a five-home Quilt Tour on Saturday, Oct. 24 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Tickets for the tour are $5 and can be purchased at any quilt tour location.  Proceeds from the event will be allocated for speaker fees for Emma Creek Quilt Guild monthly meetings and events.

In addition to the quilts, each home will feature a gift basket of quilting items. Chance drawings for the baskets will be held at the end of the tour. Tickets for the drawings may be purchased at each home for $1 each or six for $5 to win the basket featured in that home.

Tour participants who visit all five homes can enter to win a grand prize drawing for a basket of finished items, supplies and patterns. 

Long-time guild member and event co-coordinator Ruth Vogt, said the tour will feature dozens of quilts at each home. 

Quilt Tour Homes

Ruth Vogt - 206 Kings Way, Hesston

Karen Regier - 200 Park Road, Hesston

Berniece Correll - 617 Random Road, Hesston

Kaye Penner - 28 Regal Crescent, North Newton

Annette Bernard - 305 Old Colony Court, North Newton

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