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Music Ties Past And Present At Villa Days

Posted 9/10/2015

By Susan Garofalo

A resident listens and happily sings along to the gospel hymns playing on her iPod shuffle, a peaceful smile spread across her face. Her frustration with pain and lingering health problems is momentarily forgotten as she experiences the joyful sounds of the music and the comforting feelings it evokes.

Joyful moments such as these are one of the benefits of Music and Memory, a dementia-care program in its early stages at Schowalter Villa continuing-care retirement community in Hesston.

"Favorite songs, especially those from youth and young adulthood, may awaken memories and bring joy to our residents with dementia, depression or pain," says Schowalter Villa Executive Director Treva Greaser.

Schowalter Villa is a certified Music and Memory facility, launching the innovative program this past spring to help those with a wide range of cognitive and physical difficulties find renewed meaning and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music.

Music and Memory is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving quality of life for nursing home residents through the use of personalized digital music playlists. Residents' favorite music is loaded onto an iPod shuffle for their individual enjoyment. The program was launched through donations from the Paul Brunner Memorial Fund. Villa Partners, Schowalter Villa's auxiliary, is spearheading the fundraising effort to purchase iPods, CDs, iTunes cards, headsets and related equipment.

"Schowalter Villa is a leader in providing care and learning how to best serve residents with dementia," says Villa social worker Marian Heidner. "Dementia is more than the memory loss many people associate with Alzheimer's Disease. Dementia also can be a part of other diagnoses, such as Parkinson's, Lewy Body, vascular or frontotemporal problems. Music and Memory is an important element of the Villa's comprehensive Innovations in Dementia Care program."

Villa Partners members placed collection boxes throughout the Hesston community in April, requesting donations of iPod shuffles, iTunes cards, CDs or money.

"We are thrilled that Villa Partners is making Music and Memory a focus of its fundraising this year, including money raised at this weekend's Villa Days event," says Heidner. So far, four donated iPod shuffles are being used, as well as the initial 10 shuffles initially provided by the Music and Memory program. The goal is to have a shuffle and headphones for each of the Villa Life Center's 136 residents.

The largest contribution to the donation boxes is CDs, facilitating the development of a library containing a broad range of music types.

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Schadler Displays Touchdown Speed In First Game

Posted 9/10/2015

By Blake Spurney

Hesston Record Staff

Trailing 10-0 midway into the first quarter Saturday, Ryan Schadler received a kickoff on the left side at the 9-yard line.

Schadler, a Kansas redshirt freshman, took a few steps to his right, paused and went into overdrive while racing for a 91-yard touchdown. One South Dakota State defender made a desperate lunge to lay a hand on him but came up empty.

“You can see him kind of stutter and set up blocks in front of him and go,” said Hesston football head coach Clint Rider. “That was fun to watch because we’ve seen that time and time again.”

KU head coach David Beaty also experienced a case of déjà vu.

“Very impressed but not surprised,” he said in his postgame comments. “The guy has been like that since the day we got here. He's a sprinter, he can run. I knew when he got the in the open field, I was like there is no way that guy's going to tackle him, and he broke away and took off. I think that's good. That really energized our team. That was a big deal.”

Beaty also said coaches talked with KU’s return men about what to expect right before the kickoff.

“I said, look, if they kick it over here to Shad, which they're going to sky it because they knew the other kid was fast, and if they do, we're going to crease them,” he said. “Just give him a crease and he'll be gone, and he took off. Gary (Hyman, special teams coordinator) did a great job of designing that return.”

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Taking Aim At Interstate Park

Posted 9/10/2015

By Jackie Nelson

Hesston archery enthusiasts will now have a publicly accessible range at Interstate Park through the cooperation of the City of Hesston, Hesston Recreation Commission and the perseverance of resident Bill Augustine.

The new archery range will be opening shortly, with signage being the final component yet to be in place.

Hesston Recreation Director Brad Kohlman said, “I anticipate we will be open this fall.”

Kohlman said the Rec Department has taken a lead on the project.  Many local businesses and organizations have contributed to the range.

“Our costs have been pretty minimal so far.  This project has mostly been funded through donated materials and time.  Paul Mullet at Excel was generous enough to donate compressed cardboard, the City crew, including Ken Schwanke, has helped with installation of materials.  Hesston Decorating has even donated some carpet squares to help with the targets.  It has been a total community effort,” he said.

Augustine added when he approached community leaders, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“City Council was 100 percent for it. I worked with three Rec Directors and each of them were very supportive. Susan Lamb and S.T.E.A.M. got equipment and helped us with instruction.  It’s been a community effort - everyone has stepped up to help,” he said.

Augustine said the location of the range will appeal to more than just archers. 

“They’re taking their kids to a place they can picnic or fish. The whole family can go and enjoy themselves. That’s why the pond was selected. It was safe - and that is our primary goal,” he said. 

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