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USW 11228 Hosting Fundraisers For Hesston Resource Center

Posted 9/3/2015

By Jackie Nelson   

United Steelworkers Union Local 11228 is working to collect donations for the Hesston Resource Center.  Drop stations for donations are at Hesston financial institutions, H.A.S. and at Weaver Grocers. 

The Local is also coordinating a golf tournament, to be held Sept. 13 with the proceeds to benefit the Hesston Resource Center.

Registration for the golf tournament is still open.

Teams are $152 for a four-person scramble team with lunch, range balls, game balls and a cart provided.

Half the golf tournament proceeds will benefit the Hesston Resource Center, the other half will be given away in prize money. 

The Women of Steel, a charity arm of Local 11228, are raffling off a new propane grill, with proceeds to benefit Harvey County Angel Tree children during the holidays.

Christian Ward, the president of Local 11228, said the union hopes to collect 1,500 pounds for the center.

“We did 1,200 pounds last year at the Christmas party and we’d like to go beyond that,” he said.

Ward spent time with Hesston Resource Center Director Rae King while the center was open for business.

“I realized how needed and used it was.  I saw a lot of elderly people - people that have worked their whole lives, but now have to pick between food and their prescriptions,” he said.

Ward added while at the center, he noticed shelves were bare.

“We really want to get those shelves filled up again,” he said.

Ward said local businesses and local non-profits have always been a high priority for the union.

“We do everything we can do keep what we do local. We are all about keeping it local. We don’t like to buy from Walmart,” he said.

Even leftover locally purchased food was donated to Hesston and Harvey County organizations.

“We took flats of bread we had left over from the Union Picnic and donated half to the Resource Center and half to the Harvey County Homeless Shelter,” he said.

Ward said while many union members do not live in Hesston, they still are invested in the community.

“We want people to know how much we care about this and surrounding towns.  We know we are helping out people who need it. And anyone can be one of those people who need it,” he said. 

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Mountain Lions Reported On The Prowl In Harvey County

Posted 9/3/2015

By Record Staff

Recent news reports of a mountain lion roaming Harvey County have yet to be confirmed, but plenty of area residents have their own anecdotal evidence of the big cats being in the area for over a decade.

Most recently, state wildlife officials have confirmed a mountain lion in Rooks County, nearly 300 miles northwest of Harvey County.

According to the National Park Service, mountain lion territories can range from 25-square-miles to up to over 500-square-miles per cat, depending on food availability and habitat. 

Local hunter Rusty Whitcher said mountain lion sightings are not uncommon to hear of in the area.

“Over the last few years, you hear them, here and there. I’ve never seen hard evidence outside what’s been printed.  You hear they’re in Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri and Nebraska. I’m pretty sure a big cat doesn’t get to state lines and go ‘Oh, nope, better turn around.’ It stands to reason they’re there - there’re here,” he said.

Locally Whitcher said he has heard reported sightings of the elusive cats across the area.

“I’ve heard stories about east of town, west of town and north of town.  Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, to a point,” he said.

Tree farmer Dan Zerger, who lives six miles west of Moundridge, said he is confident a big cat is stalking Turkey Creek.

“Everyone in the area knows they’ve been around.  They’re hard to mix up with any other animal. Their tail is so long it’s obvious what they are,” he said.

Zerger said it was only “a couple months ago” he spotted the big cat.

“I saw one cross here, and its the only thing it could have been. It was a quarter-mile south of our place, about three-quarter mile past Turkey Creek,” he said. 

Zerger said he is not alone in spying the animals. 

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Villa Days Offering Three Days Of Family Fun

Posted 9/3/2015

For The Record

 Mark your calendars and come join in the festivities at Schowalter Villa's Villa Days celebration, Sept. 10 through 12, hosted by the Villa Partners' auxiliary. The annual event benefits Villa Life Center residents, residing in assisted living or skilled nursing, with a special-funding focus on the Music & Memory program and the Good Samaritan Caring Fund.

Three days of family fun kicks off Sept. 10, with a variety of baked goods for sale between 5 and 8 p.m. in the Hesston Wellness Center lobby at 701 S. Main. Come early for the best selection of homemade goodies, including zwieback, cinnamon rolls, breads, pies and cakes. The bake sale will continue from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. the following day, or while the baked-goods supply lasts.

Come and take a look at the variety of imaginative, themed gift baskets containing items donated by Villa staff. These will make thoughtful presents for loved ones or a fun treat for you. Sold by silent auction, bidding is from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sept. 10, and from 5:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sept. 11, also at the Hesston Wellness Center.

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